UWS Paisley Campus

EMC Projects are proud of our work in education and are here to enhance the learning environments for students throughout the country. We have more recently completed work on behalf of the University West of Scotland (UWS) in their cafe/coffee shop area. In order for students to get the most out of their experience in higher education, they must have high-quality facilities available to them such as coffee shops, quiet spaces and collaborative working areas.



We worked with our client and their design team to create a modern, attractive and inviting coffee shop within the UWS Paisley Campus. EMC Projects installed all lighting designs throughout the space as well as small power and structured cabling.  We also provided the space with additional internet connectivity giving individuals the ability to carry out assignments or coursework in the space. 

We are pleased with the results of our efforts and the unique lighting design gives the cafe a premium but relaxed feel. The space is a highly valued asset providing a quiet space for students and staff during their downtime or during lunch breaks. These types of amenities are so important in ensuring the wellbeing of everyone who attends the university, particularly now that there is such a focus on mental health awareness in education.

EMC Projects are delighted that we were able to play our part in enhancing facilities at the campus.

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